Promoting a Website and its Lifecycle – Planning

When website planning includes plans to promote the site right from the start, you will be much more successful. If your website is an important part of how you market your business, product, service and/or event, then planning how your website will do that move to towards success. Planning right from the start should not only include only page sizes, and image type and size, it should include

  • whether email will be used,
  • whether images and video are hosted on the same or another site,
  • how streaming media might be implemented,
  • what logging actions will be performed,
  • what statistic analysis will be done,
  • marketing basics including
    • your demographics,
    • where your telephone number is displayed,
    • what SEO strategies will be employed,
    • what cross-promotional tactics may be employed with other websites,
    • how landing pages will be structured, and where they will be placed
  • how the website builds your brand
  • how the website positions the business within your industry and market