How Do You Measure Success

Measuring the success of your web site provides the feedback necessary to constantly improve your site. Perhaps the most basic measurement is the number of pageviews. A pageview is a simple request for a single webpage. A webpage may contain many files as each image is a separate file. Such measurements are usually taken directly from your server. (Read more about the types of web statistics).

Beyond measuring the number of pageviews from your website, you may also measure specific actions that visitors have taken. Such actions include clicking on a specific link, textual or graphical; watching a video or filing out a form. Identifying and measuring the actions your visitors perform helps you understand what about your website your visitors find interesting, informative and useful. As you find visitors migrating to specific categories and pages, you have insight as to what to expand as you continue to grow your website.

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You could also measure the time that a visitor is on a page or the entire website. Again, this will provide valuable insight into which area(s) of the website your visitors find engaging. With some A – B testing separate the engaging content from the dull. Do more of one, less of the other.

Finally, you might measure your visitors themselves. What percentage are new visitors, what percentage are returning visitors. Does the site attract visitors from one part of the country above other parts?