Website Statistics

Your website is different than any other advertising or marketing campaign. It offers comprehensive statistics on exactly how it is performing. If you advertise in printed medium, direct mail, even billboards, the statistics you will be quoted are estimates. Those statistics might be based on subscriptions, on delivered pieces, on the traffic that passes, but they are not exact. Magazines are discarded without being read, direct mail goes straight to the garbage, and so on. Your website, on the other hand, can provide detailed statistics about exactly how many visitors came to your site, when they came, how many pages they viewed, what actions they took, and even how long they stayed on your site. From your website statistics you can learn what works on your site, how your visitors move through your website, and where your visitors came from. From this you can gain real knowledge over what your website visitors want and how well you are doing in supplying that to them. The benefits to you are real, and what you can do with this can have real benefits to your website visitors and your customer. If you’re not making use of this information, you will not know what your customers want and need, and you will fail to provide it to them. When that happens, you lose customers, and your competition will find a way to attract them. Contact this Minneapolis SEO Expert today to start making better use of your web statistics.