Outline of the Perfect SEO page

The outline of the perfect SEO page has a lot in common with a high school essay: Tell ’em what you’re going to tell ’em; Tell ’em what you’re telling ’em; Tell ’em what you told ’em. That’s what you should be doing in the three section of an essay: the beginning, the middle and the end. The beginning and the end are shorter than the middle, in a high school term paper both are probably just a paragraph. The beginning and the end use the words of the theme of the term paper more often than the middle. The theme of the high school term paper translates into the key phrase of the SEO’d page. Use the key phrase more at the beginning and the end of the “content” of the page: give it a greater key phrase density than the middle of the page.

Title and Headings

The term paper has a single title. The perfect web page has a page title and a main headline. Both should include the key phrase for the page. The title and the main headline – though slightly different contain the key phrase close to the beginning. The page title would be the shorter of the two. Stripped of adjectives and adverbs, the title is short and concise. The page title is at the top of the page, inside the <head> </head> of the HTML file. The page has only one main headline, though it may have several sub-headings. The main heading is in the <body> of the HTML file. It is enclosed within the <h1> and </h1> tag. Like the page title, it should include the key phrase for the page. Placing the key phrase closer to the start of the headline is best. The headline can be a little more flowery using adjectives, adverbs and additional phrases. Usually the middle of the high school term paper has a couple of sections, and those sections might be separated by sub-headings. A web page uses sub-headings as well. Sub headings like the main headline are enclosed between the appropriate tags. These tags h2 .. h4 are of decreasing importance, and usually of decreasing size. Use these tags liberally, but with purpose. Underlining, bolding, italicizing your key phrase will also highlight important concepts for both the reader and the search engine. Use these typographical techniques as well, in moderation. A web page that is more about the use of these techniques than the content you really wish to be presenting will be ignored by your readers and the search engines.