Do You Know ALL your keywords?

Every business has its buzz words. Many have their own lingo. They use their own vocabulary to brand themselves, or describe intricacies lost on the public at large. The use of this private language is great when everyone in the conversation is an insider. The broader public though may have a different, simpler vocabulary to talk about your products and services. And the searches the public performs, hoping to find your website will be based on their language, not yours. When preparing to optimize a web page, make sure that you’re using the language, the keywords, that the public uses. Stay away from insider speak. Just because you have plenty of 50¢ words to describe your business, doesn’t mean the public uses those words, uses them the same way, or will search for your business using them. When considering how your website will be found, stick with the plain vocabulary of the public. Know what search phrases will be used to find your site, not which ones you’d prefer to be used.