Web Design; Geared to Market Your Business

There are many reasons to have a web site: ecommerce, advertising, informational, marketing, personal, and etc. Every web page should have a specific goal. For every web page there should be a method of measuring its success; it should have a metric. Without goals and metrics, your web site could be ineffective and you wouldn’t know it. Alternatively, slight changes to your web page could result in vast improvements in achieving your business goals. Web sites differ from other media in a number of ways. It is easy to use a web site to target a specific demographic, and get your message to them. Much like putting an ad in ‘Cigar Afficionado’ will target a much different audience than one put in ‘Cosmo’. But more importantly a Web Site allows you to track every surfers movements through your site. Other advertising media have mass appeal. Although directed at a specific group, whether an age group, a geographical group, an economic group, those media can only blanket the specific demographic, and do not directly return feedback about the success of the advertisement. Web sites can and do return direct feedback about each and every viewer of the site. And the success of every web page within a site, as well as every change to a single web page can be determined from your web site logs. So before a you determine the “look and feel” of your web site, stop and ask yourself what it is that you intend to accomplish with the web site and each page. Once the goal is firmly identified, then determine how you will measure the success of the web page. With these two things firmly understood, Onward Internet Marketing can quickly determine a stratedy for designing a web page that will meet your needs. Bells and whistles don’t impress the search engines. Do the all the extras of your web site really add value? Most search engines don’t read Flash. They don’t listen to MP3s or MIDI sounds. They don’t even know what the graphics look like. While your pages need an identifiable look, people and search engine spiders appreciate simple, easily understood pages. These designs are clean, easy to read and easy to order from. They are appealing to both your customers and to the search engine spiders. From the first concept to the final layout both need to be considered. When Onward finished your web site, you’ll be delighted with the results, your customers will take the actions you want them to, and the search engine spiders will list you more often at a higher page rank. Email Onward Internet Marketing now to get your web site designed or upgraded.