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Website Lifecycle Model: Plan, Design, Construct, Analyze & Evaluate; Optimize and Marketing Considerations.  Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing impact all aspects of the lifecycle of a website.

Your website should be bringing you solid sales leads and even ecommerce sales. Your website can draw new clients to your business, provide them with product and service descriptions, testimonials from your happy customers, your most recent news and press releases. With Onward’s help it will excite and maintain interest in you products and services.

Since 2004 Onward Internet Marketing has been helping companies with their internet marketing. Allowing Onward to do the Designing, Building Optimizing and Promoting of web sites, has let companies, like yours, spend their time on their central mission.

It will only do this if it is attractively designed, well built and draws visitors. Onward will design a internet marketing program that will combine search engine optimization, social networking, online marketing and advertising and comprehensive analysis of website performance.

If your website is not an active integral part of your marketing and sales lead generation strategy and tactics, take a moment and fill out the form on the right to receive a free analysis of your web site and your internet marketing strategy

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A well designed website is one that is pleasing to the eye, and leads the eye to the important sections on the page. A great web design goes further, and includes programming features which provide your visitors with a guided experience of your products and services.


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WordPress 4.2.1 Released

Previous verions of Wordpress allowed a malicious attacker to use the XSS comment features to inject javascript onto a site. When the malevolent exploited comments are viewed by a site administrator, the javascript is executed and the site becomes vulnerable to further hijacking of administrative capabilities.

Update with this release or use the Update feature from your Dashboard.


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Bring visitors to your site using Pay per Click (PPC), social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, community building apps like forums. Onward puts our expertise to use in planning and carrying out the right mix of these for your site.


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Piwik Web Analytics

If you own a website, understanding the difference between server-side and client-side web statistics and analytics will put you in charge of growing the use of your website Visit Onward Internet Marketing to learn more about web site statistics and analytics.


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Find out what's working and what's not on your website. Reviewing and analyzing the actions of your website visitors will allow you to respond to their needs quicker than your competitors. Your business becomes nimble when you know what your customers ant!