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Ecommerce for a profitable site.

A properly designed and developed ecommerce site will make your business standout.

Successful ecommerce sites share many qualities.

  • Well designed
  • Easy to navigate
  • Promotes products
  • Constantly Maintained
  • Security and Reliability
  • Easy to Administer

Well designed sites are immediately recognizable, as are poorly designed ones. Onward designs websites that users like and come back to. By keeping the customer first, our websites look good, and keep your customers focus on the products you offer. The design of an ecommerce site should promote your products, not the design or the designers. A well designed page has structure. The eye naturally moves toward important parts of the page, leading your customers to take action, whether that is to make a purchase or move toward another page.

A well designed website is easy to navigate; its easy for your customers to find the products for which they’re looking. Onward designed websites keep the focus on the items in your catalog, and make moving through the catalog easy. Customers who don’t find what they’re looking for quickly don’t stay.

Well written descriptions and great graphics let your customers really understand what it is that you have for sale. Poor ones turn customers off. Onward makes sure that each product has compelling descriptions and useful images. We don’t settle for just the manufacture’s description, Onward writes copy that is enjoyable to read, and appropriate to the buying customer.

Once designed, and placed on the web, an ecommerce site stilll needs attention. It must be easy to add new products to your catalog, check inventory, update your ledgers: in short, an ecommerce site must not only satisfy your customers, it must satisfy you. Cumbersome, hard to use ecommerce sites waste time and money.

Ecommerce sites developed with your budget in mind

Onward developed ecommerce sites use OSCommerce open source software.